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The Top Floor - David Evans

The Top Floor

Cover Author: David Evans
Publisher: Summertown Publishing
First Publishing: 2009
Pages: 52

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Abstract: Maha has never worked in the UK before, so when she takes a job as a secretary for an import-export company, she doesn't know what to expect. But when she arrives for her first day at work and finds she is alone in the office, she suspects that something is not quite right.
Where is her boss? What exactly does his company do? And what is in the strange boxes that are delivered to the empty office on the top floor?
As Maha investigates she becomes more and more certain that she has discovered a criminal conspiracy, putting many lives in danger, including her own.

"Maybe the good guys don't always win.[...] He and Maha never saw each other again."
[Pg 48]
Make this review was so hard.
First, because I have read the book as a task for the english course.
I just started to read and was revolted. With the teacher, with Cultura Inglesa school. I have already read harder english books for myself. If this book was to be a challenge, it did not work. =/
After the revolt, I took the book again, I had to finish anyway, I am sure I will have anything to do after, maybe a review, or discussion about it..
The story is no too bad, but it is similar to others I have already read. A girl, a boy, a bad man and some mysteries..
Well, the book surprised me a little, I was waiting for another end, everything was going to a different one, but it was not finished like I was waiting. I liked it, mainly because I am very fan of this kind of end.. For me, there is nothing else in the "Lived Happily Ever After." end.
It is a good book, of course, but it is not one I would read for my own.
With an easy reading, I could finish it in about three or four days, I think. As my friend says: "It is a trip book". Because you can finish so fast.
I recommend for english's beginners who wants to improve the vocabulary. In Pre-intermediate I, or maybe II (for Cultura Inglesa's model), I think it's possible to read without big problems.

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